You’re finally ready.  You’ve carved your new fitness goals out on a stone tablet, and nothing short of a natural disaster is going to steer you away from them.

You’re excited to start working out and get back to the sexy self you were years ago, or maybe you’re gearing up to completely transform yourself and achieve that confidence that you’ve never had.

You’ve been searching for a top quality protein shake that can support your fitness goals and tastes great, but isn’t going to break the bank.

But you’re having a problem, and who can blame you?

All of the thousands of choices of protein and diet shakes out there have your head spinning like a top, and you’re desparately hoping that you pick the right one.

After all, if you’re trying to slim down and get your sexy back, you don’t want to choose a shake that will bulk you up, and if you’re trying to build that lean muscle mass and look like a stud, you don’t want to suddenly drop weight and become a walking string bean.

Where in the heck do you start?

“Should I choose a diet shake or a protein shake?”

“Does my shake contain enough protein to build muscle?”

protein shake choices
Which protein shake should I choose?

If you’re asking these questions you’re not alone.  Millions of people are asking these same questions every year, and if you care about your money and your health (we’re betting you do), the choice really does matter.

Before we solve the protein shake vs. diet shake dilemma, lets take a moment and look at whats inside of them.

The fact of the matter, and the truth that makes choosing a shake important, is that all protein shakes are not created equally.

Some shakes are specifically formulated to bulk you up, some are formulated with inferior protein blends, some shakes contain harmful artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Splenda, and some simply don’t include a broad enough spectrum of protein.

The fact that you’re here means that you’re concerned about making the right choice, and being the smart consumer that you are, you obviously don’t want to make the mistake of buying a shake with potentially harmful or inferior ingredients.

“You keep talking about harmful ingredients, but what are they and how bad can they really be?”

This is a great question, and one that more people should ask, considering the staggering amount of hard-earned money that Americans spend every year on protein shakes and diet shakes (Hint: it’s millions and millions of $$).

Here’s a startling fact that may surprise you:  The majority of companies spend more money on packaging and promoting their products than formulating them with the best ingredients that they can.

Now that doesn’t mean that all flashily packaged shakes are garbage, or vice-versa.  It simply means we need to educate ourselves so that we can make the best possible decision when purchasing a protein shake product.

Several of the most popular products out there cut corners by using a potentially dangerous sweetener that allows them to lower manufacturing costs.  What is the name of this wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Splenda, aka sucralose, aspartame.

“What’s the big deal about using Splenda as a sweetener?  I used to dump that stuff into my coffee by the bucket!”

Great question, and to answer it we’ll take a look at the potentially dangerous ingredient contained in many popular protein and diet shakes.

Splenda (Sucralose, aspartame) – This popular artificial sweetener was discovered by accident in the mid 70′s by a pair of scientists attempting to formulate a synthetic fertilizer.  They didn’t succeed in their original plan, but discovered that the compound they had synthesized tasted pretty darn good!  (Why they would taste their fertilizer experiment is beyond us!)  Splenda was introduced into our food system with minimal safety testing (the FDA conducted studies on a total of only 36 human subjects), and from there problems started to arise.  Recent research into the health effects of Splenda has indicated that it may contribute to weight gain (probably not what you were looking for), diabetes, disruption of sleep patterns, sexual dysfunction, increases in cancer, MS, lupus, and a list of degenerative diseases.  In our mind it’s a bit backward to spend money on something that may cause any of these.  We’re trying to get healthier after all, not sick!

UPDATE: Recent studies have indicated that consuming Splenda may lead to neurological disorders like seizures, migraines, and dizziness.

Protein shake products containing Splenda (sucralose, aspartame):

  • ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape shake (Click here for the actual Vi-Shape ingredient sheet)
  • Amway’s NUTRILITE Meal Replacement shake
  • Melaleuca Attain with Craveblocker shake

Soy - Another popular ingredient with a dark side is one of the most widely used ingredients in protein shakes.  Consumption of soy based products has been attributed to digestive problems, thyroid issues, developmental problems in children and even certain cancers.  Say what?!

Now it’s a fact that soy does have some amazing health benefits (aids in keeping a healthy heart), but do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Another consideration when looking for an effective protein shake is the type and variety of proteins used.  You’ll want to select a protein shake with a blend of several different types of protein from different sources, and there is a very good reason for this.

When you exercise or work out, you’re literally tearing your muscle fibers.  To repair and rebuild and become stronger, your muscles require a steady stream of amino acids to fuel the process.

If you choose a protein shake only containing a slow digesting protein, your muscles cannot assimilate the necessary building blocks quick enough and will take longer to repair.

The same goes for a protein shake containing only quickly digestible proteins.  The rebuilding process starts, but the amino acids are gone before the process is complete.

You can see the importance of choosing a protein shake that contains a variety of proteins, including varieties that are both quickly and slowly digested to keep your muscles fueled through the entire recovery process.

“So I should look for a protein shake product that is free of Splenda, and contains a blend of different types of proteins?”

Essentially yes, but an even better choice would be a product that contains digestive enzymes formulated to help your body absorb the maximum amount of protein in every serving.  Check the label for an enzyme blend that improves assimilation of the proteins into the body, and you’re one up on 90% of consumers.

“OK, got it, but how do I tell if my shake has enough protein to support my workout?”

One of the most popular myths among both gym rats and fitness amateurs alike is that in order to gain lean muscle mass, you must drink a shake with more protein content than 5 pounds of red meat.

Totally False!!!

Your body can only assimilate just shy of 20 grams of protein at a time.  Anything in addition to that comes right out the garbage chute.  And you were wondering why your trips to the bathroom took so long!

Let me repeat myself.  If you’re drinking a cheap, “Super-Mart” brand protein shake containing 50 grams of sub-standard protein in a single form, you’re literally flushing your money down the toilet.

“That’s all well and good if I’m trying to bulk up, but I just want to lose weight and trim out!”

Absolutely!  Millions of people every year are looking for a shake to help them lose weight, and a good product can fill both roles.

That’s right!

protein shake superfoods

A good protein shake can be used as both a meal replacement to lose weight, and as a post-workout supplement to boost lean muscle mass gains.

Shakes enhanced with potent superfood blends can deliver important nutrients beyond what the typical protein-only shake can provide.  Foods like blueberries, blackberries, bilberries, raspberries, and strawberries provide important antioxidants that combat free radicals produced as a result from the oxidative stress of working out.

Here are a few popular alternatives.

My Protein Shake Comparison
How does your protein shake measure up?

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There’s a new product on the scene that has it’s competitors shaking in their boots, and by golly, we love it.

The Ultimate ProFIT was released in early 2012 by It Works! Global, a debt-free natural health and wellness company based in Bradenton, Florida, after months of careful formulation by Carla Burns (RN, CPT), taking into consideration everything a high-quality, ethical product should offer.

The Ultimate ProFIT meets and greatly exceeds the strict standards of a top-notch protein shake product, and stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

“Why Ultimate ProFIT?”

If you’re spending your hard-earned money, you want to know that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  Since you’re conscious of what you take into your body, don’t you:

  1. Want a protein shake that doesn’t cut corners with dangerous sweeteners?
  2. Want a high quality blend of proteins that digest both fast and slow to provide your muscles with a constant supply of amino acids?
  3. Demand a product that is both bioactive and bioavailable, being easily absorbed into the body and minimizing waste and those awful (and smelly) hour long trips to the bathroom?

Ultimate ProFIT is powered by:

  • Sustain-It™, a smarter protein blend for maximum bioavailability in every gram.
  • FITzyme™, a cutting-edge blend of enzymes, helps maximize your body’s ability to absorb Sustain-It™.
  • FITboost™, an antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “superfoods” for immune system health.*
  • Non-hormonal and non-GMO whey and soy proteins.
  • Natural, whole-food ingredients with only 100 calories per serving!

This combination of top-notch ingredients could only be made better by the fact that no sweetener is added.  Only naturally occurring Stevia sweetens this shake, a much welcomed alternative to the dangerous Splenda.

You may have noticed above that ProFIT contains soy protein, and you’re probably thinking “Didn’t you just tell me that soy was bad?”  

Like we learned above, soy has properties that are both beneficial and dangerous to our health.  The soy in ProFIT’s Sustain-It™ blend, the thyroid damaging isoflavins and the cancer promoting phyto estrogens have been removed, creating a safe form of soy protein with all of the amazing health benefits of soy and none of the risks!

Professional Golden Glove boxer Brian ‘The Golden Greek’ Camechis uses the product, not because he’s paid to, but because it helps him get the most from his rigorous training.

“Wow!  This is obviously a top-rate protein shake superfood blend, but do I have to sacrifice my first born to afford it?”

No!  Especially considering what you’re getting, this product is more affordable than 4 out of 5 protein shakes.

1 month supply of Ultimate ProFIT (30 servings) = $69.00

To find out more about the Ultimate ProFIT or to purchase, click the link above or the image in the sidebar above.

“How can the folks at It Works! Global afford to sell it for such a bargain?”

Unlike 99% of it’s competitors, It Works! Global is completely debt free, and has been since 2007.  No investors to answer to, and no shareholders to impress with the bottom line.

In addition to the great price, for every $10 that you spend on It Works! Global natural health products, you get $1 in product free!  Who here likes free stuff?

If you’ve already purchased a shake, take a good hard look at that label.

We have yet to find a protein shake product that can stand up to the Ultimate ProFIT’s advanced formula and affordability.

When it comes to my health and my body, it’s a no brainer.  It’s your body and your health.  Don’t you deserve the best?

SPECIAL NOTE: To learn how Sarah and I supercharge our ProFIT shakes in seconds, and take our health and fitness to a whole new level with a potent mix of 38 herbs and superfoods, keep reading!

Ultimate Profit Protein Shake
Click Above for the Ultimate ProFit

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, lets talk superfoods.

These days superfoods are all the rage, and for good reason!

What makes these foods so darned super?  The incredibly high and diverse amounts of nutrients packed into these little gems.

Foods like maca root, barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina, cacao, blueberry, acai berry, aloe vera, bee pollen, royal jelly, blackberry and many more.

Until recently these foods were extremely scarce in the United States, but recent demand combined with new supply chains has made them domestically available.

The ultra-high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients help combat free radicals from workout related oxidative stress, and their high vitamin content keeps the body’s immune function in tip-top shape.

Beachbody’s Shakeology is a product that contains a fair amount of green superfoods.

That being said, the single, lonely source of protein (whey isolate) in their shake could use a few partners to extend the availability of amino acids to the muscles.  Remember, we want a combination of proteins that digest at different rates to ensure our muscles are well fed.

At $4.00 a serving ($119.00 an month) you can form your own conclusion on cost/value!

What if I told you that you could boost the Ultimate ProFIT with 4-6 servings of fruits, 6-8 servings of vegetables, 11 servings of wholeProtein Shake Greens grains plus live enzymes and phytonutrients – all in 2 scoops the size of the end of your pinky finger?

…And what if I told you that you could buy both the Ultimate ProFIT and this product for $22.00 LESS than Beachbody’s Shakeology?

We’re talking about the Greens, formulated by Dr. Don VerHulst, MD of It Works! Global.

The Greens are completely NON-GMO and Organic (certification pending), and work to alkalize the body.

Ever heard of lactic acid?

Yup, that’s the acid released into the body from the muscles during exercise.

The greens are a potent one-two fitness punch. Not only do they help to neutralize the high levels of acidity that occur in the body as a result of exercise-related lactic acid release, the flood of valuable nutrients provides a natural energy boost that enables the body to achieve peak performance and optimum health.

If you have any doubts about the quality or ingredients, just take a glance at the label.

At $28.00 for a full months supply, these greens have it all at a much lower cost than store bought greens products.

Two small scoops of the Greens combined with the Ultimate ProFIT is the obvious choice for those who demand the very best for their bodies.

Dr Jon Protein Shake Dr. Jon Simpson, (DC, Nutritionist) was blown away by the complete lineup of ingredients in the Greens, and was in disbelief when he learned of their price.  Dr. Jon has been treating illness through proper nutrition for years and knows the value of nutrient-dense whole food supplements like the Greens.




Sarah Savidge Protein Shake

From Sarah Savidge, CPT:

“As a personal trainer I understand the benefits of superior nutrition.  So often I saw people plateau with their exercise routines.  What could they have done better?  Feed their body the nutrition it needs.

Often we think we are doing right by picking up fruits and veggies from the grocery store.  The reality is that these foods, even if they are organic, have traveled an average of 12oo miles to get to us, essentially depleting the nutritional value by upwards of 40%. Then, being Americans, we slice it, dice it, fry it, saute it, nuke it, bake it – we ruin it!  By the time we are done with our veggies they have lost almost all nutritional value.

With that being said it’s no wonder why so many people are seeing the benefits of the Greens from It Works Global.  I have stories upon stories of how this $28 dollar product has changed lives!”

If I didn’t absolutely believe in the high quality of these products and use them daily, rest assured that you wouldn’t hear so much as a peep out of me.  But facts are facts: 

Top-quality ingredients + an affordable price = a no-brainer decision.

If you’re looking for serious results and don’t want to waist time, energy and money using an “OK” product, then don’t settle.  Get the Ultimate ProFIT boosted with the Greens now!

For more information or to purchase the Greens for $33.00 or Greens-On-The-Go for $35, click here or the image below.

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8 thoughts on “Is Your Protein Shake Hiding a Dangerous Secret?

  1. Everybody has a shake! And I do mean everybody! From the crap you can get by the bucket at GNC to the over-priced fancy packaged BS–it’s all covered here. Break down the formulas and feed your body the nutrition it deserves–after all, 6 pack abs didn’t start with P90, it started with good, quality protein. Feed your body what it deserves and then tackle your workout–you results will be unparalleled to anything you’ve ever seen.

  2. Diane Foster Ruch from Facebook says: “I have a friend that had our shake ingredients tested by a real lab in St Louis MO and they said our shake has the best quality of protein they have ever seen !!!!
    It works is doing a fabulous stand up great job !”

    • Are your referring to the Arbonne Essentials Protein shake? If so, it appears to be a quality product, although I can’t seem to find the complete label. From what I can see, it contains a good amount of protein from multiple vegetable sources, contains some good herb additions, and is sweetened naturally with stevia. If they added an enzyme for protein assimilation it would be that much better. I also noticed that 1 serving is comprised of 2 scoops(45 grams), which is a bit much, but not a big issue if you don’t mind drinking a bigger shake.

  3. This “article” is Biased, while I began to read this article I was interested and happy to gain knowledge. Learning about the sweeteners and everything was good information, until they got to the small non-fact based hit on It Works! competitor Herbalife. Yes there were allegations of lead in the products, which were retracted by the accuser after he was taken to jail for Stock Fraud and Admitted that his company would profit from shorting Herbalife. Nothing against It Works! products but you can only believe information like this when it comes from a neutral party, and not someone affiliated with any company in the article or competing with companies from the article. Especially when throwing in a small hit against their Largest Competitor. Now I am in no way affiliated with Herbalife, I was suspicious from the tiny note about Herbalife’s wrongdoings and the huge push towards It Works!, so after a lot of research this is the information I would like to share to those who will read this and suddenly be influenced by It Works! distributors who promote this ad. Everyone do your research when it comes to YOUR nutritional Health, which I hope is something the publisher of this ad can agree with.

    • Thanks for the comment Sean. This article is intended to provide 100% factual information, and we did indeed find that this statement was retracted by FDI. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We aren’t intending to short any particular company, but simply raise awareness of the quality of product people are getting when they spend their hard-earned dollars.
      We became affiliated with It Works! Global not to sell a product, but because we have seen the drastic transformation many customers have undergone while using it and are absolutely obligated to share this information with other people.
      We can’t stand seeing people get suckered by slick marketing practices into overpriced but average products. People deserve to know the truth.
      Thanks again Sean for your comment!

      • Thanks for clearing everything up and I highly appreciate all the knowledge you pass on, I always try to learn more about nutritional products but it’s more often than not that the Ads written on the topic comes from one side or the other and is usually rooted for personal financial gain, which gets frustrating. Although I have discovered that many distributors from companies such as It Works, Herbalife, Beachbody, etc were users of the products before taking on the business side which is good to see. It makes one believe you truly stand by the products, and that you care. Again, I appreciate the honesty and I’m happy I was able to point that out. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to getting more information.


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