If you’re trying to lose weight, stay fit, or just feel great every day then you’ve likely turned to a protein shake to help (if you’re not trying to lose weight, share this with a friend that you know is right now because what you’re about to read is important). Let’s talk about what you need to know right now and uncover the truth about protein shakes.

Protein shakes and powders are an excellent source of supplemental nutrition, especially for people who might not get enough protein from meat or plant sources. Unfortunately, there are dangerous secrets that most protein shakes don’t share.

Secret #1:

Your Protein Shake Might Contain The Human Health Harming Hormone That The FDA Doesn’t Ban…


Let’s forget for a moment that protein shakes aren’t subject to FDA regulations (that means you need to really trust the powder that you use) and consider the harmful hormone that dairy farmers use that ends up in the whey protein of protein shakes.


Numerous studies have demonstrated that recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) can harm both cows and humans. In every package of rBGH sold to farmers, the dangers of reproductive effects, digestive disorders, infection, blood cell levels, and illness in cows are listed. Despite these warnings and concerns that researchers have posed for human health, rBGH is still in widespread use by farmers everywhere as a means to increase animal size and milk production.


Most whey proteins found in protein shakes contain rBGH. And the bad news is that supplement companies are not required to tell you if your protein shake was made from whey-based proteins that came from milk containing rBGH.


Secret #2:

The GMOs In Your Protein Shake Are Killing You And The Environment…


The most popular protein shakes and powders on the market…from Body by Vi, Slim Fast, Shakeology, Herbalife, Atkins, and Muscle Milk…all contain Genetically Modified Organisms. 


GMOs have made it possible to create insect resistant plants, special varieties that didn’t exist before, and new forms of high-production, nutrient rich foods. But at what cost? 


Food allergies are skyrocketing every year, digestive problems are rampant in populations that eat GMO foods, and long term brain-related problems like Alzheimer’s are suspected to be prime consequences of a GMO-rich diet.


Supplement companies don’t need to tell you about GMOs either!

Secret #3:

If GMOs Don’t Harm You, Heavy Metal Toxicity Will…


One recent study found that almost every single protein shake tested contained arsenic, cadmium, lead, and/or mercury. And scientists aren’t the only people who have taken notice—athletes who rely on protein powders to fuel exercise, muscle growth, and competition are complaining to supplement companies at alarming rates about the heavy metals that they can feel the effect of in their protein shakes.


Too many heavy metals in your diet will result in heavy metal poisoning as your soft tissues absorb toxins that are difficult to naturally remove.


Again, supplement companies aren’t required to tell you about heavy metals!


We’ve Found Ultimate ProFIT 

And We’ll Never Use Another Protein Powder Again…


Protein powder is an excellent supplement to any fitness or weight loss program—as long as it doesn’t contain GMOs, hormones, or heavy metals…

Ultimate ProFIT Gets The Job Done With…

  • Non-Hormonal Whey Proteins (no rBGH)
  • Soy Proteins That Don’t Contain Toxins
  • Natural, Whole-Food Ingredients
  • A Complete Non-GMO Protein Blend


And Ultimate ProFIT is made with…

  • Sustain-It™ – A smarter protein blend for maximum bioavailability in every gram!
  • FITzyme™ – A Cutting-edge blend of enzymes that maximize your body’s ability to absorb protein!
  • And FITBoost™ – An antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “super foods” for immune system health!


So that you can actually process the protein and use it to fuel recovery! And this is important because…


On Top Of These 3 Problems With Most Protein Shakes, Your Body Actually Can’t Use Most Of The Protein They Contain…


And the reason is simple.


Highly processed proteins just don’t work. By the time the protein gets into your “unregulated by the FDA” protein shake, it contains highly processed proteins that not only contain the heavy metal toxins described above, but also come in a form that your body can’t recognize and use.


Ultimate ProFIT contains a blend of non-GMO, hormone-free soy and whey proteins called Sustain-IT™ that guarantee that every gram is available for your body to recognize and use as fuel for recovery.


Additionally, Ultimate ProFIT uses enzymes and antioxidants to accelerate progress and guarantee that you are on the path to results!


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